Preparing for the Next Show

After quite a bit of self-introspection, I am back in the entrepreneurial mindset for my art business. Currently, I’m focusing my efforts on preparing for my next art exhibit. Since I’ve started making connections in the art industry, I’m slowly making headway on the direction of my work.

Some of the ways that help me get back to focus on my work include journaling and sketching. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this springtime. So, I’ve been taking advantage of sitting on my front porch while drawing in my gratitude journal with pen only. I’ve noticed that the bumblebees have returned. I’m somehow no longer afraid of bees and insects like I used to be. It’s as if I’m coming to peace with nature around me. There’s a kind of calmness about enjoying nature.

A lot of my work is inspired by nature and the supernatural or spiritual, including but not limited to biblical prophecy and scripture. Now, before I get ahead of myself, I want to explain that I am not into date-setting or proclaiming I am the know all and be all. That kind of black and white thinking can lead to disastrous outcomes as I’ve noticed in my own spiritual journey. However, this focus on the spiritual has been an epiphany of sorts that has led to a revived sense of purpose and renewal of my spirit. I find myself relating more and more to other people, children and animals than before. It’s a very freeing way to be.

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