Learning how to post professional-looking art videos

Back in my college days, I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to edit videos for my Communication major television course and co-curricular.

Those same feelings of accomplishment have returned 20 years later (no joke!) since I’ve been working on recording my art processes to share on my YouTube channel.

You can see it here:

Mixed Media Series on Paper Youtube art timelapse video

There were a lot of moving parts to creating this simple, yet professional-looking video. Part of this video process included the following steps:

  • Setting up my video camera to record from overhead as I painted
  • Taking relevant photos of my tools used for the paintings
  • Using Canva templates
  • Learning video editing in Adobe Premier Pro via the software tutorials as well as searching up Youtube tutorials
  • Creating and adding a voiceover
  • Searching for a music audio service (Epidemic Sound in this case), subscribing and adding the music

For me, learning new skills such as video editing is just as exciting as working on my art. I love learning a new skill and applying it. While it took me literally hours to learn some of the ins and outs of video editing, I feel confident enough now that my next video will take much less time to create and post.

And, on top of that, I can add these new skills to my expanding repertoire of freelance skillsets.

If you are looking for someone to help edit your videos, please feel free to contact me! We can discuss your project and rates.

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