Self publishing on Amazon KDP

I’ve published my first book on Amazon KDP. It’s a POD (print on demand) art sketchbook with one of my abstract paintings on the cover and my picture and bio on the back cover.

Click on the link to check it out!

I plan to publish more. And not just blank journals. I would love to write an actual book. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that are just itching to emerge (just like my art).

Amazon KDP recently caught my eye when I came across some YouTube videos about low content and no content publishing. I figured creating a blank art sketchbook would be an easy way to dip my toes in the self publishing world. Plus, it also acts as a great marketing vehicle for my art.

After getting up to speed on some tools I needed to begin, I was off to the races! If you’re interested in self publishing, you want to check out Canva online for free design. I used that to design my book cover. Also, KDP won’t allow you to just publish blank pages, so you at least need page numbers or headings on each page. One easy way to do that for your journals or sketchbooks is by searching up templates to purchase and use for commercial use from Etsy. Believe it or not, mine only cost me $1.37! Now, that’s an investment I’m comfortable with! 😉

After you have your cover and interior pages in PDF files to upload to KDP, create a free Amazon KDP account. Follow the links and steps to upload those PDFs. It typically takes Amazon up to 72 hours to review and approve your book.

Amazon tells you how much its fee will be at the beginning. This way you can determine your pricing accordingly for your royalty. Make sure you have done your research on Amazon already to know where the best price range falls. There is no up front fee to list your book on Amazon. Amazon charges its fee once a customer orders. Then, they take care of all of the printing and fulfillment.

Once your listing is published, you can share it via social media, text and link like I am here in my blog!

Are you interested in self publishing? Are you already published? Let me know in the comments!

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