Walking 10,000 Steps

I’m starting that goal of walking 10000 steps a day. So far I’ve usually walked around 6000, until today.

I did it!

Walking may seem easy for some. But, for me it involves pain. My lower back hurts and is stiff when I begin my walks, but eventually eases up as I continue on. That’s the difficult part…continuing on through the pain. So, I guess it can be true in my case “no pain, no gain”.

Of course, I’m looking forward to the weight loss that will come with a consistent walking routine. I’m currently using MyFitnessPal linked up to my phone to track my steps. I plan to buy a FitBit or it’s generic equivalent sometime soon to replace that method.

I’m also tracking food and diet in MyFitnessPal. I feel like it keeps me honest by choosing better food.

What type of workout routine is your go to? How do you track your diet? Please introduce yourself and share in the comments!

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